Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fillin You in...

O kay so I realize that I have not written in quite a while~sorry about that. I hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas/New Year season! I want to back track to just before Thanksgiving, actually, and let you know a few things that have been going on in my life. I will try to be brief and not bore you with un- wanted details. The last post was on December 3rd so you have already read about my time with Bridge Town.
A week before Thanksgiving my friend Sarah and I went to Colorado for a Snowboarders For Christ (SFC) leaders conference. (check out www.sfcoregon.com) We were encouraged by the leaders there in Summit County and their love for Jesus and for Snowboarding, we got to ride (snowboard) for a day -way fun!- and we got to know each other even better. I love you girl! I am excited to say we are starting a Bible study on Monday Nights staring Jan. 7 for the Christian Snowboard Community. If you want to go riding sometime, even if you have never gone before, give me a call and we will go hit the slopes!
Thanksgiving brought Family and Fun with Jenell and Kris and his parents. It was fun to have the whole family here together.
December brought a few extra shifts for me and I appreciated them. I am blessed to have the job I do. I walk in every day praying that I would have the mind and heart of Christ for these boys. To see them the way Jesus does, and remind me how God feels when we do obey him, and when we walk away from him. How he is so willing to take us back with open arms. Now to be honest I do not always do this and I see when I am walking in Jesus and when I am walking in flesh. I thank God for this job and I am excited to see were he takes me.
I would like to go to Portland State university starting spring term, but we will see were that goes. Until then I am just going to continue working my job and mentoring at the young adults group "Oasis" at my church.
December 12th-16th brought me to Central Oregon for a long overdue visit with my Grandma, and a Retreat with Oasis. The visit was grand, and the retreat was good. ( See Pics on a later post.) The retreat was held in Sun River a beautiful town/village in central Oregon. It was fun to be with over 100 college/young adults and leaders to worship our dear Saviour together.
I was excited for Christmas and had a great one. I am anticipating the new year with more fun filled events such as weddings, births, and hanging and going deeper in Jesus with friends. Please see pictures on later post for more about Christmas.
Please also see the following post on a special friend who went to be with Jesus on December 23rd, 2007.

I pray that this finds you all following or seeking Jesus, be a friend to someone and hug some one you love!


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