Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The 10th month came and went...

Hey all,
I will post pictures later, but I wanted to give you a brief update on a few things. First off, I think everyone should get "Skype." You can talk to other "Skype" users for FREE! It is amazing, check it out, and let me know if you have it! So that was my commercial! The second update is for my friends in California. None of them were hurt , and their homes were not destroyed! Some of their friends do not have houses though, so you can keep that in your prayers. All my friends had to deal with was smoke smell, so thanks for your prayers! The third thing is, I am now 25! Thanks to all of you who have influenced me to be the person I am today! And the last, but defiantly not least thing is, I am going to Colorado for a Snowboarders For Christ conference!!!! The Lord provided for me to be able to attend, and I am stoked to see what God has planned for Mount Hood after all! Please pray for clear direction for SFC Oregon, and all the details that go hand in hand with doing a snowboarding ministry.
Love to you all

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Kellie said...

I 'm so glad you have a blog! I can keep up with what is going on in your life! I would love to hear how Colorado went!
Oh, I have skype. I would enjoy chatting with you sometime. :)