Monday, October 22, 2007

A few more pics!

My sisters and I a few days before my trip!

Sarah, Rachel (baby) and I, in California.

Saying "See you soon," at the train station.

(above)Hanging with Friends at Yokihama Port Japan.
(below)Sunset at the port. -Japan-


Jenne said...

Thanks for catching me up on your happenings! Sounds like to great stuff going on these past 3 months (or more!). I was glad to hear you got to get back to Japan...that must have been amazing! Take care.

David Knepprath said...

Great pictures!

Sarah McAllister said...

very nice pics JJ!!!! :)

Tiana said...

Sounds like you had some fun travels. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks warm there in Japan! :)

D&Al said...

Fun pictures J! Glad you got to go to Cali and Japan...looking forward to hanging out soon! Allison