Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

Jo, Elia, and I
On Valentines day some dear friends took us out to dinner and a movie!

The Guys

The Ladies

Me, Josh, and Jo

My Beautiful Mountain

Hello All, I am writing a delayed update and a short one at that. The snow is melting away at my house now, and the spring sun is shining brightly! It has been wonderful to enjoy the beauty that our Heavenly Daddy gives us, what a treat! The near future holds, bridal showers and baby showers for two different dear friends, more work, SFC Colorado visit to Oregon, hopefully some snowboarding, fellowship with Oasis ladies, and spending time with Jesus. PLUS visits to and from dear friends from across the globe. I am so excited for spring to come and go, so that summer can arrive and the blessed times of swimming in the lakes, white water rafting, camp, and fireside gatherings with new and old friends can arrive. Give me a ring or an e-mail and let me know how you are doing.


Anonymous said...

Has the official story of 9/11 seemed a bit suspect to you? The film below shows you exactly why it should. Don't be overwhelmed by the number of facts thrown at you. There are only a handful of facts here to focus on as proof that the attacks were enhanced by a rogue governmental network.

First there's former New York mayor Ruddy Guiliani admitting on ABC News that he was told to leave the World Trade Center to avoid the impending collapse, despite there being no such indication from the buildings' structure. This shows prior knowledge of the collapse on the part of insiders above Guiliani in the chain of command during crisis response. This also shows that there had to be another cause of the collapse that would cause these insiders to be certain of the collapse.

Second, there's the preponderance of eyewitness accounts of explosions going off throughout the towers prior to the collapse. The fact that explosions were heard in areas that were nowhere near the destruction--like the basement, lobby, and lower floors--points to the use of explosives. And explosives would certainly provide those insiders above Guiliani the certainty of a collapse.

Third, there's the collapse of all three buildings occurring too fast for a collapse not induced by demolition devices. Both towers fell between 10 to 13 seconds, and Building 7 fell between 6 to 7 seconds. Free-fall speed for the towers is 9.2 seconds, and for building 7 it is 5.9 seconds. For these three buildings to have fallen at virtually free-fall speed as they did, virtually all key points of structural resistance had to have been removed from the equation. If left intact, they would have provided resistance against the collapse that ,in turn, would have caused the collapse to fall much slower than a free fall. The only thing that could remove those key points of structural resistance would be demolition devices.

Lastly, there's the discovery of the hijackers' identification in the aftermath of the attacks. The fact that an ID turned up so quickly out of the enormous amount of rubble from the towers and was found by itself--not near a hijacker's body nor his belongings--shows that the ID was planted. This corroborates the evidence of insiders working within a rogue governmental network. The plant was obviously intended to keep the focus on the hijackers’ culpability, and not anyone else’s.

Using these core facts you can persuade others that this is conspiracy fact, not theory; and that this knowledge is based on logic, not paranoia. So please push for the truth to be publicly recognized for the sake of our nation’s security and sanity.

Loose Change: Final Cut

David Knepprath said...

9/11 was a conspiracy!!!! I always wondered, but man, that guy just confirmed it for me. ;)

To bad I'm not in Gresham, that would have been a blast!

I also love how blogger placed your captions for the pictures, the captions "The Ladies" looks like it is for the one with you, Jo, and Josh. :)

Anonymous said...

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Tonya Daniels said...

Hi! Glad to hear things are going well, sounds like you have a busy spring/summer coming up! It was SO great to visit with you, hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

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~J.J. said...

Sorry to all who have to read the long 9/11 quote, and don't click on the other two messages that say click here. I am not sure why they are there or who "they" are but don't click. If you know how to block these guys let me know PLEASE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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