Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I am writing to tell you it has been busy and crazy! Summer season is coming to an end and the smell of fall is in the air, backpacks, pencils, and "Elmer's" glue are on sale. And I am writing my first post in over a month. My sisters wedding was great as I am sure you can see from the pics, my family was here from out of town and we had a blast visiting, laughing and sight seeing. Friends from Ohio/Africa and Nebraska have been in town, it seems that we can't get enough time with any of them! ~Love to all~
So what is next in my life? Well I am still working with the youth center and enjoy it a lot! I will be traveling a bit the end of September early October to go to California to visit friends and then to Japan for a 10 day stint to go to a wedding and scout out mission opprotunities. I am excited as I enter in to a new phase in life, of being a sister in -law, traveling for fun but in hopes of something more some day, and ministering with the college age students in my area. As you read this I hope you know that you are someone who has impacted me in a way that only can be rewarded when we enter eternity.
Until we meet again


Anonymous said...

wow, i love the pictures. thanks for your sweet words when you comment on my blog! i treasure our friendship even if we don't see eachother that often! you guys all looked gorgeous at jenell's wedding. she looked amazing! hope to catch up soon. loves.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time. I wish we could have had more of it together. We love you! Your whole family was amazing at the wedding. Your Dad is one in a million. I'm so proud to know him. See you next time! OOOOORRRR maybe you can get your fanny out and see us! Just a thought! You world traveler you!


Tiana said...

Dear J-
Thanks for posting photos and your thoughts. I loved to see the photos of the wedding. Miss you and am excited for your recent travels.