Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Up for Discussion~

I would like to try something...I have not yet done this on my blog for all to see, but I would like to get your thoughts, questions, comments, etc... on the following:

1.Have you read "Velvet Elvis", by Rob Bell? What did you think?

2.Have you seen the movie "GridIron Gang?" How did it impact you?

3.What are three of your favorite Bible passages/verses? Why?

For me on #3
John 17 ~Jesus prays for us! Need I say really how cool is that the One who laid down His life for us prayed for us before we even walked this earth.

Philippians 4:13 my life verse that in Jesus I can do all things.

I am going to have to think about #3 Sorry... :)



Anonymous said...

No on #1
No on #2

Matt 6:33 because it changed the very direction of my life.
Zech 4:10 For who has despised the day of small things? I love that verse because it tells me it's ok to start small.
II Tim 2:24-26 because I need to always learn how to be more gentle!


~J said...

Thanks for the comment Cafepurk! I will never forget when you shared Matt 6:33 with us at youth group. I remember how at the time it really impacted me, and still is a constant reminder to always "seek first HIS kingdom and righteousness."

Anonymous said...

Got here from Lad and Crystal's---
Love the quote about how you love to live because of who lives in you. That is awesome.

I might add you to my roll even though I don't ReAlly know you, you seem great!

My 3 fav would be...
John 15... "you can DO NOTHING without me"
That Phil one that you said.. that was my father's very special one and now that he is not here and lost his life to cancer. I am determined to get that verse deep within me.
And probably Is 58... that whole chapter. It is what I yearn to mimic.

K, have a great day.