Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Missing these Friends!

Thanks to those of you who have posted! SO cool to be able to keep in touch this way! I hope you are all getting into a new groove as we approach fall. I love seasons and the changes they bring. Kinda like life.
These pics are some of my friends from Japan! I really miss them for like so many of you, they are my family!
changing becasue of ONE!


nobu-chan said...

I miss you too JJ !
last monday night ,Andy was a speaker and GOD ! spoke ,,some of us cried by what He spke through Andy ,,men he is changed so much ,this is kind of miracle ..well glory to God ! 702 girls sand you huggs !!

Travis Purkerson said...

Hope you get to go back someday!


JJ said...

Please send hugs to all the 702 girls as well. Miss and love you all! God is an amazing God, so blessed to see and hear all that He is doing in and through the life of And and all of you! Love you lots~JJ

JJ said...

I hope I get to go back some day soon, but not before I get to come out and visit all of you! Please send my love